Mirama Hills Safaris was founded in 2021 and continues to offer visitors exciting holiday options in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. The company’s mission is to serve our esteem customers, searching their entire satisfaction and providing touristic services of quality, committing to the social, cultural and environmental reality of our country and also East African countries Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania as Tourist Destinations. We are represented on

  Mirama Hills Safaris began with a long term goal of sharing the great sceneries of the Africa’s wilderness with people from around the globe. Living under the African skies in such close proximity to huge explore of plains, wildlife, primates adventures in Uganda and a rich mix of different cultures has made us feel immensely privileged. We hope that when you visit, we will be able to share with you the positive touristic concept and vision of East Africa.

  We arrange holiday options for our esteem clients and some we always make some adjustments basing on the wishes for the cli........ents: from Gorillas and Chimps, game Safaris, Safari Destinations, Mountain Hiking, Day Excursions, and Adventure Holidays.

  Our safaris holidays are inspirable. They offer fun, and adventure in areas of outstanding beauty sceneries, together with opportunities to meet local peoples and explore the rich and varied cultures of East Africa. Our guides are multilingual and fully trained, with extensive knowledge of the areas we operate in – the cultures and customs, flora and fauna.

  We have listed our most popular itineraries here on our website. However, some adjustments can be always made based on the wishes of the client towards his or her travel budget and timeframe. For more information on any of our itineraries or to request a custom itinerary, please contact us.

  A Uganda safari with us can include game-drives on our land scapes, bird-watching, chimpanzee & gorilla trekking,culture and community tourism. At Mirama Hills Safaris we are experts in safaris to Uganda, this company was founded in 2021. You can trust us to arrange an unforgettable experience for you. Offering our visitors an easy booking and planning process for tour packages is our ultimate goal. With us you can go any trip ranging from a short 4 days Chimpanzee and Gorilla trekking safari to a 21-days Uganda safari letting you get the most out of our beautiful Sceneries. Uganda has a varied nature and wildlife, with primates within the rainforests, lions on the savanna, interesting birds in the wetlands and high mountain peaks to explore. All this comes in combination with different culture and very friendly groups of people that will add to your travel experience in Uganda. Once a visitor wishes to have a special safari journey, we focus like birding, mountain hiking, photography or culture.

  The itinerary can be adapted to fit your specific wishes. Benon Muzeeyi who is the owner and founder of Mirama Hills Safaris is passionate about safaris in Uganda as well as wildlife. With a background as a safari guide, he knows this business from a broad concept which benefits you with well-planned itineraries and endless knowledge about your travel destination. As the company has grown Benon has built up a professional team to his assistance, both in the office with the tour consultant that will attend to your request and with the safari guides that will take you to the field.

  Uganda occupies a special geographical position within the Eastern part of African continent. Its landscapes, great mountains and rainforests are home to the famous Mountain Gorillas, chimpanzees and various species of beautiful birds. It's savanna grass lands are populated by big mammals. This also explains the wide range of habitats, including woodlands, wetlands, mountains, rivers, swamps and lakes. It's easy to get overwhelmed by Uganda's 10 national parks, its status as one of Africa’s most popular birding destinations (with around 1,050 species—50% of those on the continent and 11% in the world), its 18 primate species and its impressive explore outdoor activities, including camping, mountaineering, water rafting, community social responsibility, cultural tourism and some other tourism activities.

  Uganda was nicknamed the Pearl of Africa, as a landlocked country, Uganda attracts many visitors each year who become fascinated with its rich culture, diversity of people, exotic wildlife and rich ecosystems. The country boasts some beautiful national game parks that are home to a variety of plants, birds and animal species. We feature ten national game parks that will make you fall in love with Uganda.

  Our tour consultants have managed to explore all destinations in the Pearl of Africa and they selected out the suitable destinations that are worth your financial budget. We consider destinations that have good accommodation facilities, better road network and most of all experiential activities and things to do that engage you on your planned holiday trip in Uganda.

  Lastly, an important part for us is that the impact of your travel adventure to Uganda is shared by more people than us. At Mirama Hills Safaris we wish to spread the benefits of tourism to the communities around the National parks. The other impact we wish to have is to contribute to building up Uganda’s tourism sector through joining and collaborating with other tourism bodies, which gives work opportunities to our team and the community at large. Mirama Hills Safaris is a local operator with the knowledge and experience to make your travel adventure as lifetime memory.



Being part of the exclusive leaders in Uganda’s tourism sector as well as recognised for the quality of our services and the contribution that we make towards the development of our country.



Serving our customers, searching their entire satisfaction and providing touristic services of quality, committing to the social, cultural and environmental reality of our country.


Providing high quality and sustainable travel experience to our esteem customers.



(Communication, Loyalty, Team work, Honesty)

• Communication: Every member must interact transparent and appropriately, Trying to strengthen their interpersonal work relations and the image of the company. We are conscious that communication skills generates perceptions, expectations and requirements which motivate us to improve our behaviour, attitude and business knowledge.

• Loyalty: Our team members must show loyalty towards our customers: referring to faithfulness, commitment and confidentiality at any moment for and in the name of the company.

• Honesty: Within our company, it is very important that the information provided to our customers is being honest and trust. This value is what makes us different and helps us to take decision based on firm and true facts.

• Team Work: We have built a team that works, result oriented, unifying talent and join different opinions, knowledge and abilities because team work and mutual support build the foundation of our company


Mr. Muzeeyi Benon

Owner and Chief Executive Officer at Mirama Hills Safaris.

Mukiibi Kevin

Web designer and Social Media platform manager at Mirama Hills Safaris

Agaba Moses

Tour Guide at Mirama Hills Safaris

Francis Suma

Tour Advisor at Mirama Hills Safaris


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